We are very happy to be able to say that lots of people like what we do. Here's a snapshot of what they say.

‘What amazing fun! Epic singing, great puppets, silly story, wonderful dragon, lovely evening, .. and live music, fine acting. Memorable! Congratulations all round! Glasto next year – or Hyde Park?" (Anna Bushell, The Reduced Ring Cycle)

"A splendid concert last night.  It was uplifting, as you had promised. The balance of the programme was just right; your care over the setting in the church made it feel like a special event; and the candlelight was a delightful piece of theatre to end with. You had the audience with you all the way."  (Martin Horrox, Songs of Innocence and Experience)

"When a family of five happen to pass by, and then double back, intrigued, and stay for the performance with smiles on their faces, you know you have brought opera to the public! Bold, innovative, and creative, you all delivered a performance packed with the humour not usually associated with these operas. It was a joy to see so many young children not only watching you, but totally engrossed." (Julie O'Donnell, Arts Taunton, The Reduced Ring Cycle)

‘Amy was absolutely amazing, engaging both mums and babies in all aspects. Having a baby and pregnancy in lockdown has deprived us of so many experiences from the outset, this group has helped socially and mentally with wellbeing and a bit of ‘normality’ in this crazy world! At every point Amy made you feel welcome and involved which was amazing. So a million thanks.’ (Baby Bluebirds Singing)

‘I had no idea so many great tunes were around and this has helped me communicate at home with my little one, ideas for telling stories using fantastic voices and changing pitch and speed. The ability to ask questions without feeling silly! Thank you for your help. We love story time now!’ (Baby Bluebirds Singing)

"The Popera House is a thing of beauty and incredibly practical at this time when we are having to find new approaches in the arts and new ways of delivering work with our communities." (Sarah Peterkin, Take Art) 

‘Dear Sasha and Team. This performance was my favourite to date. Thanks for providing rays of sunshine during these grey days.’ (Frances Machen, The Musicians of Bremen)

‘Just a brief note to thank you, the rest of the cast, and the entire crew for bringing your amazing show to Croscombe. Everyone I spoke to after the show had absolutely loved it and it blew me away as well." (Richard Cronin, The Reduced Ring Cycle)

‘Thank you for a great day's entertainment which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.’ (Bob Messer, The Empress and the Nightingale, Bluebird Cabaret)

"I liked your detailed explanations and exercises and handouts and your teaching. And I really liked your sense of fun and the lightness you brought and shared out. A lovely experience to be part of. "  (Ingrid Pfeiffer, Thriving Voices)