The Popera House

The Popera House

The Bluebirds are in the unique position of having our very own theatre. Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, we were able to design and construct Somerset's first dedicated opera house. Called The Popera House, she is designed to look like a showman's wagon and has a flip out stage, integrated light and sound system, and best of all, is fully off grid. Thanks to funding from Somerset Council we were able to install solar panels on the wagon to allow us to decrease our carbon footprint and do shows harnessing the power of natural energy.

It is our mission to bring a little bit of magic directly to the audience every time the Popera House goes out. Behind the doors of our beautifully gilded wagon is a feast of theatre and music. And every visit is unique.

Our theatre space is versatile and unique and can host an array of theatrical and musical events. However, as the title suggests our wagon is also intended to be able offer a combo of Pop Up Opera and Pop-Opera neatly taking on the behemoths of big time opera and modern time pop. And we’ve created a neat little formula in our own very beautiful Popera House.

The wagon can be booked for a private or public events. But we also have a season of shows with the Popera House including our inaugural Popera, The Reduced Ring, our own particular take on Wagner’s complete Ring Cycle. Coming soon in The Popera House will be The Magic Flute; this will of course be our own take on Mozart and will be reduced to a tidy 60 minutes of fantastical drama.

The Popera House was launched officially in Spring 2020 with a calendar of events. Since then we've visited primary schools, secondary schools and small festivals with our shows in the wagon. We've also been doing music and theatre workshops alongside The Popera House visits to get our audiences really involved in the show.

For Popera House events and bookings you can contact us via this website.