The Reduced Ring Cycle

The Reduced Ring is an imaginative reworking of Wagner’s entire Ring Cycle. Think opera, think pop, add brevity and a heavy dose of comedy and you get the idea! Wagner took 15 hours, The Bluebirds, experts at re-telling even the most complex tale, take just under an hour. Meet all the weird and and wonderful characters from The Ring Cycle and listen to some great operatic music in a beautiful mash-up.

This show is intended for all ages. We have an interactive version specially adapted for KS2 Primary school children and secondary schools: this is intended to introduce young people to the best of opera in bite-size. The show is brought to you in The Bluebirds own theatre space, The Popera House. The story features on the amazing love story of Siegfried and Brunhilde and their epic quests. Along with full-size performers, there will be a fair few pint size one as The Bluebirds bring their wonderful puppets onto The Popera House stage.

We are being supported by The Arts Council, Arts Taunton, The Somerset Community Foundation and The Golsoncott Foundation to bring two great shows to communities in Somerset, and will be premiering in Taunton in the Summer of 2021. If you are interested in booking the show and / or workshops get in touch!


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