The Chip Shop Opera

This is a pure Bluebird creation with opera performed in our own version of a mobile chip wagon. The Chip Shop is opera meets comedy in head on collision.

“Good ideas and invention.” (Victoria Wood)

Sasha, Tami and band Quartetto Lycra team up for an hour of beautiful music and belly laughs. It’s got a characteristically operatic plot of machiavellian twists. 

“After behaving inappropriately at a society funeral would-be opera divas Sasha and Tami are cursed by the evil sorcerer Tomatino. They are doomed to roam the world in a mobile chip van until they can be redeemed by true-love’s kiss. Travelling through space and time in their intergalactic chip van they follow their quest to its final dramatic conclusion with an amazon delivery.”

 The Chip Shop Opera was originally performed at London’s Kings Place.

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