The Bluebirds have a wide experience working in schools as teachers and performers. 

A core of our message is bringing the theatrical musical experience direct to young people and immersing them in it: allowing them to experience first hand the creative process and allowing them to see what they can do themselves. 

Previously The Bluebirds have taken Berlin Cabaret and Nzingabeth into primary schools. Mrs Noah and The Flood was taken into community spaces with music and mask-making workshops running before the show. The whole audience was invited to take part in the music making during the show with children invited onstage in masks they had made as the animals of the ark. 

Now with The Popera House, Somerset’s first dedicated opera house, we are taking that interactive theatre to a whole new level. The Popera House is super flexible and mobile and can come to your school or community space, whether it be an empty field, a supermarket car park or a country estate: whatever, your location,  we want to bring the inspiration of music direct to you. The Popera House will be visiting both primary and secondary schools with music-theatre workshops

Pre-school Baby Bluebirds

Introducing music as a regular part of education, rather than an occasional add-on, is key to increasing the social reach of music making. Amy Hardwick is a pre-school music expert and has worked at both primary and secondary level. She’s worked in theatre education as a drama teacher at The Space and Tacchi Morris Theatre in Taunton. As part of the Bluebird team Amy specialises in early years music education, introducing  music making right at the start of children’s education. 

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