The Mysteries

The Christmas Mysteries is the perfect family show for winter time. It tells the traditional Christmas story in a novel way bringing Mary’s character alive with a force, vibrancy and humour that she doesn’t usually get. The shepherds, true to the original medieval dramas, are painted as comic characters bumbling their way on the Christmas journey, while Joseph struggles at the centre of the maelstrom trying to make sense of the ‘mysteries’ that unfold around him. And then of course there are the angels ! That’s where the heavenly music comes from. Throughout the shows, the individual stories are held together by music as the angels guide you between the scenes.

It’s got that extra magical element as the donkey is there throughout the show and really enjoys all the attention. It also doesn’t require you to sit still: as per the original mystery plays, this is a mobile piece of theatre and you walk between scenes in different locations at the venue.

The Passion meanwhile is constructed in a similar fashion, but it’s a very different tale. True to the original crucifixion story in the mystery plays, this is tragedy and dark humour combined. Here the soldiers who have to carry out the crucifixion provide the comedy, bleakly commenting on the human ability to carry out a terrible act because it’s ‘just their job’. And with clever writing, the audience becomes complicit in the act as the jobsworth trio incompetently put Jesus up onto the cross.

As a contrast, music from Pergolesi and Handel lifts the drama onto a transcendental level as the Christ figure is hauled onto the cross before your eyes, confronting the audience with the terrible reality of what’s taken place.

Our adaptation of the easter story begins with the entry into Jerusalem and takes the tale through to the resurrection. The show can be performed inside or outside.


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