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Baby BlueBirds Song & Musical Play

Covid 19 update: Most sessions are now on Zoom. Please contact Amy for further details.

Musical play opportunities in Somerset.

Discover how to use songs to connect, encourage creativity and play musically with your under 5’s in small classes which are currently running online.

Musical play for families in isolated rural communities in Somerset

With lockdown restrictions it has been extremely hard for adults in rural Somerset to access arts activities with their families. On this weekly course, learners will learn songs and storytelling techniques that will teach them how to interact with their children musically. The sessions will run for 5 weeks on zoom, thereby negating travel or social distancing issues. Our experienced early years teacher will support your learning with hand outs and extra videos to help you learn the material in your own time. You can join Tuesday at 10.30am and/or Friday mornings at 9.30am. Families that do this course often find that they form new friendships and leave with increased wellbeing. Streaming live from my house in North Curry, these fun sessions are based on early years music education practice and pedagogy, gained from training at CREC.

In Musical play Two you will build and further your musical skills and learn how to be child led in your interaction.

Please have with you a scarf, soft toy and something to make music with (this could be a biscuit tin/ Pringles jar to bang). For the musical play 2 extra level please have a tuned instrument like a xylophone or bells that have different tones.

Tuesday 10.30am-11.30am: Baby Bluebirds. Musical play level one. Teaching the adult learners how to encourage and deepen their child’s innate musicality, learn simple songs and rhymes that are suitable for their child’s development and join in with lullabies form around the world to sooth your child and yourself.

Fridays 9.30am-10.30am: Baby Bluebirds. 0-5 years. Musical Play sessions level one and two. Progressing from level one, learners will learn more  engaging stories, songs, and sensory play. You will go on learn the harmony parts to the Thula Mama lullaby repertoire and how to be a successful play partner in your child’s musical exploration.

The above courses can be accessed for free for learners from disadvantaged communities in Somerset. Go to the Somerset Skills and Learning website and search for ‘Music’ under the course search button to enrol for a free place.

Contact for more info on booking a paid place.


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